Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Not a TV Dinner

This looks disturbingly like a TV dinner but it is in fact Mailale Parmesan. Those are snap peas steamed and finished in olive oil and garlic. Mashed potatoes to complete the plate. That is home made tomato sauce, the last of the summers bounty. I started with a breaded pork cutlet at Mitchell's. They were on sale so that was a nice gift. All I did was fry the cutlets, heat the sauce, cover with grated parmesan and put in the broiler.

The mashed were boiled, drained, mashed and finished with butter, milk and salt.

The snap peas were really good. They were stringless so I just nipped the tips off both ends and steamed them then dunked them in cold water to stop cooking. Emptied water from the steamer, added olive oil, garlic and salt, heat to medium low. I put the peas in the pot to reheat when the pork went under the broiler. The whole thing took under 50 minutes to put together. Much less to eat. Fern asked for this again before he finished eating. 

I suppose pasta might make a more traditional starch but the potato was quite happy on the plate.

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