Friday, December 13, 2013

Home Made Mozzarella Wrapped in a Chicken Breast

I was out of chicken stock so chicken for dinner was practically a foregone conclusion. The home made mozzarella was left over from a failed pizza, I'll detail making cheese next time, maybe.  I boned the breasts and fried the skins for the dogs and used the bones for stock.  Usually I use the chicken fat from the skins to baste the meat while it cooks but this time decided to try putting it in the rice.  The carrots and broccoli were steamed and finished in olive oil.

I put all the chicken fat in the rice before putting it in the microwave to cook. Fat tends to carry flavour and some fat is really tasty but chicken fat isn't one of them.  If I had used only half the fat, the rice might have been really good. As it was, it was ok but not a taste treat.  The breast I pounded flat then rolled it up around a ball of mozzarella with a bit of mozza sprinkled on top.  I should have seasoned the flattened breast before rolling it up but didn't think of it. So I seasoned the outside and that worked well enough. I used salt, mixed pepper and poultry seasoning on the breast. 

The chicken was really good.  Fresh mozzarella is quite different from store bought. It tastes more like fresh milk in solid form. The rice was over powered by the chicken fat.  It tasted acceptable but wasn't delicious. The vegetables were perfect. I'm getting much better at finishing them properly without over cooking them.

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