Sunday, August 17, 2014

Shanghai Noodle Chicken

Fern had lots of peppers ready so I went to the store with the meal mostly planned. I spotted the noodles by chance but quickly decided they'd be perfect. I've never tried them before but Fern likes pasta so they should satisfy. I got some boneless skinless chicken breasts, a few mushrooms and headed home. 

I diced up a green bell pepper and two poblamos all from the garden. I diced up the chicken breasts, seasoned them a bit and coated them in flour. Sliced up some mushrooms, a stick of celery and a carrot. I put olive and canola oil in my frying pan and added a bit of sesame oil.  First I browned the chicken, then sweated the carrot and celery followed by the mushrooms. Next the peppers went in, a tablespoon oyster sauce and soy sauce. I tossed it all to evenly coat everything then ran the noodles under hot water for a few seconds before adding them to the pan. When the noodles were heated through I plated and served.

The noodles were really good, they didn't taste like pasta. Everything else was wonderful. It's hard to miss with fresh from the garden. Shanghai or Udon noodles are good, fast and easy to prepare, I'll use them again.

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