Friday, January 9, 2015

Cajun Cod with Yellow Flesh Potatoes

Fern has the flu so I had to make a nutritious but not heavy meal. We had chicken last night so when I saw a fresh piece of cod at Save On Foods I picked it up. I pressed it in the thickest part and it sprang right back. If a depression remains only buy it if you like that fishy off taste.

I had yellow flesh potatoes so I used them instead of russet, different flavour. The peas were frozen but the carrot was fresh. The last time I made frozen peas with carrots Fern said, "frozen peas! Is that the best you can do?"

I know he likes celery so this time I chopped up a stalk into the peas and carrots then put them in the microwave to cook. I have a Panasonic Genius with moisture sensor so it measures when the food is cooked. It works well for frozen vegetables and roots.

I got out my trusty fish pliers and pulled out every bone I could find. I always seem to miss one and it ends up on Fern's plate, like it did tonight. I checked the fish end to end for more bones and couldn't find any more. But one remained hidden and Fern got it. Damn!

Anyway, I salted and coated the mostly boned fish with Cajun seasoning mix and laid it in hot olive oil. The potatoes were just boiled and finished with butter. Same with the vegetables. I plated it and called Fern. I turned the fish over and plated when it was done.  A squirt of lemon juice on top and that was it.

"I like the celery in the peas." Fern said as he slowly ate. He has the flu so that's a ringing endorsement considering the circumstances.

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