Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Chicken Cashew Curry

This was simple and straightforward. First I added salt, a teaspoon of oil, few drops lemon juice to the rice and put it in the microwave to cook. I diced an onion, a carrot and a package of chicken breasts. I rolled the chicken in flour to coat it and got my oiled pan hot. I sweated the carrot and onion till it was translucent then added the floured chicken pieces. I got a little brown all around the chicken but it was still raw in the centre. The cashews went in next. Then I added a heaping teaspoon of curry powder sprinkled over all and stirred it in. I let it cook for a few seconds while I opened a can of coconut milk. I added the whole can and kept the heat high so it boiled off the excess water before turning the chicken to rubber. I also added a few drops of Chinese Fish Sauce to broaden the base of the flavour profile. Salt of course, it all needed salt to taste. The curry by itself isn't particularly hot so more cayenne can be added if desired.

About 2 minutes before the sauce was thickened for serving I added a handful of frozen green peas. I plated the curry over the rice and served with a side salad.


1 tbsp olive/canola oil
2 tsp red wine vinegar
mixed pepper

Whisk, toss the greens in it and serve. The bags of precut iceberg, carrot and red cabbage are economical for two people. It makes 4 small salad.

There it is! An exotic tasting treat and hearty meal in under an hour.

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