Saturday, January 31, 2015

Tomato Marinated Chicken Breast

I went into Mitchell's intent on buying chicken and since I hadn't tried their marinated breasts I thought this time I would.  I never asked what the marinade was so I had no idea what it would taste like. I decided to keep things simple and put only salt, olive oil and a few drops of lemon juice in the rice.  

The vegetable medley has a small orange and a yellow pepper, several mushrooms, a carrot, celery stick and diced onion.  I sweated the onion and celery, then seared the mushrooms.  I microwaved the carrot by itself while I added and fried up the peppers in the pan.  I ground a little mixed pepper and tasted a piece. It needs something and I don't want to use soy sauce. I thought for a moment. Fresh basil would have been great but the plant wasn't big enough yet. I decided on dried Thyme and sprinkled a bit over the frying pan.

The marinade turned out to be tomato based and it was mild but quite tasty. The vegetable medley was really good, thyme was the right herb to use. I'll buy Mitchell's marinated chicken again, if I'm running late it will help a lot and still taste great.

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