Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Rib Steak on New BBQ

The new BBQ. Those grey streaks are unfortunate reflections of the overhead beams. It actually looks quite pretty. I spent the day assembling it. Only one bandaged finger!

I did a nice rib steak from Mitchell's. Their meat sure tastes better. Baked potato done in the microwave. Slathered with sour cream because I thought no one was looking. I had to use up the broccoli so I made it all and scrapped salad. I made a nice Hollandaise to go on it. Salt and black pepper on the steak. I made a pork chop for the dog. It cooked up nicely on the grill too. It's good to be back BBQing.

Hollandaise is described a couple of days ago. It's super easy.

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