Wednesday, August 8, 2012


If only I'd known as a kid that candy can be made at home.... In theory caramel isn't difficult to make. In practice it's seems a little harder.  I used a cup of sugar, a cup of whipping cream and a quarter cup of butter.  That was too much butter though, an eighth of a cup would have done it. The secret is not to stir it, supposedly. Combine ingredients in a pot and heat to boiling without stirring.  Boil to over 115ºC, I think this got to 117ºC when I took it off the heat and stirred in some vanilla extract. I set the bowl in the sink with cold water to cool the caramel down.  I poured it out onto a silicon mat to cool.

It tastes great but about a quarter of it is grainy, the rest has excellent consistency.  I think next time I'll pour the vanilla extract in before taking it off the heat.  Then take it off the heat and put in cold sink water then pour it onto pad without stirring it at all. It's easy enough to try again when I have a few minutes and low blood sugar.

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