Sunday, August 26, 2012

Garlic Prawn Stir Fry

I went off to the market looking for a light meal.  Cleaned, shelled, tail on white tiger prawns were on sale for $1.49/100gm so I thought that would be nice and ordered about 400gms for 3 people and two spoiled dogs. Not having to clean the prawns is treat enough for me but I bought enough we'll all have our fill. I picked up some mushrooms too.

I got out an onion, carrot and stick of celery from the fridge. I got a green pepper from the garden along with some green and black beans. A clove of garlic for the prawns and put the rice on. I diced half the onion and chopped the other half. The carrot I sliced up as well as the celery. I diced the green pepper fairly small and trimmed the beans. I have learned it's better to finish prep work before starting cooking, every tastes better.

I started with the pan on medium high heat and browned the diced onion.  When they were golden I took them out of the pan and put the carrots in.  I let them cook for a minute then put the celery in with them. When they were sweated I took them out of the pan.  More oil and in went the garlic nicely minced.  On top of the garlic all the prawns.  I made sure every prawn was mostly cooked on both sides and took them out of the pan.  Next I did the mushrooms with lots more oil.  I got a nice sear on them then took them out.  Finally the green pepper got sweated and the beans turned color. Some sesame oil and everything back in the pan.

A splash of chicken stock and sprinkle a little flour over everything then turn it over.  Add a tablespoon of soy sauce and keep turning the food. I sprinkled a little rice vinegar over all and tasted. Delicious. I plated the rice and the stir fry beside it. Fern said he wasn't very hungry but it was so good he ate the whole plate.

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