Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Ginger Beef with Green Beans

Roast beef left over from the other night made it's final appearance tonight thinly sliced in a garlic ginger sauce. Yum. Green beans are the first from the garden and Fern said he wanted them cooked separately, not with the beef. So I steamed the beans for a few minutes then ran them under cold water to stop them cooking. I diced up an onion and made two piles, then cleaned and sliced 7 medium mushrooms. I peeled my ginger and diced up a green pepper from the garden, first one of those I've used too.

I put my rice on to cook and started the onions in both frying pans.  I cooked the onions to golden in both pans then took the bean pan off the heat.  Continuing with the beef pan I took the onions out and put in the mushrooms.  When they had a good sear I took them out and put in the green pepper. Once it had sweated out nicely I added the ginger and garlic crushed and diced, waited a minute and took everything out of the pan.

A tablespoon of flour and enough oil to make a thin paste of it in the center of the pan.  Cook the flour taste off then add chicken or beef stock till it's a pan of sauce (a whisk helps here). Add a few drops of sesame oil and soy sauce to taste. Add the meat and coat thoroughly.  Add the sweated vegetables and mix.  Put the bean pan back on the heat and when it's hot add the beans.  Toss the beans on the heat till they are ready to serve. Plate the rice and ginger beef over it.  Put the beans on the side and call everyone to dinner.

A really tasty dinner fresh from the garden, at least in part.

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