Monday, August 13, 2012

Jello Chocolate Pudding - pimped

My partner said, "Why don't you make some chocolate pudding and put those raspberries on top?"
"Sounds like a good plan!", up to the kitchen I flew!

I quickly mixed up the chocolate pudding, I wonder if there is anyone who 'can't' make jello pudding?  Anyway I tossed the berries in a sieve to bounce any bugs off and put them in a bowl with half the amount of icing sugar and mixed till the icing sugar was dissolved into a glaze on the berries. I thought dark red berries on chocolate pudding isn't exactly going to look dramatic. It needs whipped cream. I whipped up the cream with the immersion blender and added some icing sugar and vanilla. Next a layer of whipped cream over the chocolate pudding.  Raspberries on the cream and topped with more whipped cream.  Finally I put a couple of tarragon leaves on top for a nice liquorice garnish.

It turned into a pretty respectable dessert. If I had added a little crunch it would have been perfect.

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