Thursday, August 23, 2012

Irresistible Baklava

I accused Andree of getting Fern smoking again and in retaliation I was sending her home fat! Turns out he had been sneaking smokes for a while. Probably since he fell out of the cherry tree and broke his rib. Ok, his smoking isn't your fault, but I'm sending you home fat anyway. This is my first volley, it came out as good as the first time. Baklava  is easy but you have to work quickly.  This time I used a spray bottle to dampen a dish towel, put the filo on the towel and another dampened towel on top.  Periodically while working I sprayed more water on the top towel and once on the filo when I forgot to cover it.  I got a drop of water on a corner of the filo and it turned into a glob. Don't get the stuff wet, but keep it humid. Working quickly this time I managed to keep the filo moist so it didn't break apart right up to the last piece. The secret is don't be pretty, be fast. This time I had a little too much honey and it wasn't an improvement so stick close to the recipe. Otherwise, it's delicious!

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