Sunday, August 5, 2012

Snapper and Brownies, not on the same plate

I used my Snapper Rub and served it with mashed potatoes and corn on the cob.  I forgot to photograph it but it looked a lot like a piece of fish and some potatoes, with corn in a side dish soaking in butter. It tasted great though, I've learned to use lots of spice rub to get really good flavor. If I can taste the cumin on the fish I've used enough. I think a hilarious side note, both dogs have figured out how to eat corn off the cob, if we hold it for them. We're so proud.

My Walmart Brownies proved themselves again.  I cooked them 5 minutes longer this time and now they don't fall apart when I cut them.  I've always served them without frosting because I don't really need the extra sugar and fat.  This time I decided to dress them up a bit and see what they're like.

I took about a third of a cup of butter and creamed it smooth.  Then I added an ounce or two of coco powder and creamed it followed by a an ounce or two of icing sugar.  Finally I dribbled a little vanilla extract into it and beat it in.  I spread it over the top of the brownies and cut off a piece to try it.  I had barely enough sugar to overcome the bitterness of the chocolate which made it adult delicious. The butter brought out the flavor in brownie so much it was like tasting them for the first time. From now on, I don't need the extra sugar and fat, but I'm going to have it anyway.  I also made vanilla ice cream but that is just 1 cup milk, 2 cups whipping cream, 1/4 cup sugar and a 1-3 tsp vanilla extract and put it in your handy machine.

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