Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dijon Pork Chop with new potatoes

A nice pork chop for dinner tonight, simple and fast.  First I diced up the new potatoes and got them on the burner in salted water.  Next I peeled and julienned a couple of carrots and put them in microwave dish with the frozen peas.  A splash of water and some salt and into the microwave, but don't start it yet.

I got out about two tablespoons of Maille Dijon mustard and minced a clove of garlic into it.  I added some salt and pepper, mixed it up and slathered both pork chops.  A pan with too much oil heated up and when it was at least sizzling hot I laid the chops in it.  The pan self adjusted the oil level by splattering it out everywhere near and far. Once the chops were seared on both sides I turned the heat down a bit so the outside wouldn't char before the center was cooked. About now I started the microwave and ducked outside to get some chives and lettuce from the garden.

I kept turning the chops so they cooked evenly and didn't burn while I drained the potatoes and added lots of butter.  I scissored the chives directly into the potato pot and tossed it a bit.  The vegetables were done so I drained them and added some butter, salt and pepper. The chops were firm so I put them on the warmed plates to rest.  I put a dot of xv olive oil in a small mixing bowl and a bit more vegetable oil.  I added about a third as much red balsamic vinegar as oil, a little salt and pepper.   Then I whisked it up and quickly tore the lettuce into it and tossed it with my hands.  I had the bowls ready so I plated the salad and quickly washed my hands.  That was easy.

I plated the chop, potatoes and vegetables and put the salad on the side of the plate for transport. I guess it kind of works there. I was tempted to put some homemade ketchup on the chop as usual but I wanted to see if my mustard sauce stood on it's own. We sat down to eat.

The chop was absolutely delicious, the best I've ever done. I rang all the other bells on the plate too so it was a really good feed. It only took me about an hour start to finish to make the meal so it is well worth the trouble. I'm finding we both eat all of a small salad like this where a large salad sometimes goes untouched. It's small enough to be part of the main dish so we eat it together or as the last bite. Anyway, it works, we eat more salad this way.

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