Thursday, November 8, 2012

Beef Stew Fry

I had some left over roast beef but not enough for two.  So I went to the store to fill the rest of the plate. My hopes for a surf and turf were quickly dashed.  Nothing appropriate on the fish counter so I continued to the Angus Beef counter.  There was a nice sirloin tip steak for $2.97 that would fill out my left over roast nicely. I snapped it up and headed home.

First, I put the rice in the microwave. Then I diced half an onion, a carrot and a stick of celery.  Next I sliced a zucchini and some mushrooms and chopped the rest of the onion in one inch pieces. The meat, roast and steak was cut into 1/8th inch thick strips.

I put oil in the pan and put it on medium high heat and put the diced onion in the sizzling pan.  I fried them to golden and took them out of the pan.  Next I did the mushrooms, then the zucchini and finally the celery. When the rice was done I put the carrot in the microwave to precook it a bit.

I put the raw beef in the frying pan to give it a good sear.  When it was almost done I put the rest of the roast beef in to warm it up.  Finally, I put all the vegetables back in, sprinkled a little flour over everything and stirred it up.

Fern doesn't want anything with soy sauce so it has to end up with some kind of gravy instead. That's where stew fry comes from.  I don't make beef stock and I don't like opening a one liter $4 box for 25ml of stock.  So I used a little chicken stock instead because I needed something. When it was all hot, fully cooked with a thin gravy I plated the rice and stew fry over top for me and beside for Fern.   I hadn't put any herbs in, just salt and pepper so it had good flavor but nothing special. A 1/2 tsp of garlic powder or even some fresh garlic would have brought some extra flavor to this dish.

Some days I just can't seem to hit all the flavor bases on the fly. I guess this speaks to consistency.  Adding basic seasonings should be automatic so I 'll have to work on that. Over all it was a very good meal I'd make again, with a little added effort.

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