Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lemon Chicken

I thought I'd try my hand at lemon chicken, how hard can it be? I pounded my breasts flat, sprinkled salt and a little brown sugar down on an oiled pan.  I laid the breasts on top and seasoned the top the same way.  I laid lemon slices over all the chicken, covered the pan in foil and put it in a 350ยบ oven for 50 minutes.  That was much too long as it turns out.  Thirty minutes then take the foil off and put them back in if they aren't quite done would have been perfect.  So they were dry and over done but they did taste lemony! I steamed the veggies and made ordinary mashed potatoes.  Not a restaurant quality meal, but it wasn't terrible either.

We had lunch in a restaurant where the chef just went home sick, someone else hadn't shown up so the dishwasher was cooking.  We waited an hour for our food. My sandwich had so much dijon mustard on it, even after scraping as much off as I could I still couldn't eat it. I ate the fries, which I couldn't taste because my mouth was burned out by the mouthful of mustard. So the restaurant didn't win any prizes today either.

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