Thursday, November 8, 2012

Corn Breaded Cat Fish

I felt like fish for dinner and at first I dismissed the Basa (Cat Fish) because it was previously frozen. The only other choice would have been Sole, which was fresh.  Then I thought for a minute. I think I had thawed basa before and it was good so I decided to take a chance.

Mashed potatoes and steamed vegetables finished in butter and extra virgin olive oil complete the plate. I have a big dollop of sour cream on my potatoes so that's why they look so white. To coat the fish I put 2 teaspoons of flour in a plastic bag followed by 1/2 tsp salt, mixed ground pepper, a pinch of cayenne and 2 teaspoons of corn meal/grits.  I resisted the urge to add more herb in case I spoiled the taste of the fish. I shook the fish in the bag then fried it in hot oil and mostly managed to keep the coating on the fish. It was delicious, we both loved it, so did the dogs! I'll bet fresh cat fish is REALLY great!

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