Saturday, November 17, 2012

Which Extra Virgin Olive Oil to buy?

When I shop I don't look for the cheapest price, I look for the best value.  Sometimes the most expensive option is the best value, but not often. For extra virgin olive oil, I don't use vast amounts so the best tasting one is the best value. The two top end products here are Bertolli and Philippo Berio. Bertolli is $2 or about 15% more expensive but is it better?  I put a few drops of Bertolli on a plate and a few drops of Berio beside it.  I dipped my finger in the Bertolli and tasted it.  A mild flavor, no after taste. I drank a little water to cleanse my palate and dipped my finger in the Berio. It had  a stronger flavor and a distinct bitter after taste. That solves the dilemma, Bertolli tastes better so it is the better value even though it is the more expensive. Too bad I just bought a bottle of Berio!

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