Saturday, March 8, 2014

Chicken Something with a salad

In an effort to find a new way to serve chicken I came up with this peanut butter curry, for lack of a better name. I started with a diced onion and chicken pieces that I seasoned, floured and browned in the pan.  A teaspoon of curry powder sprinkled over top.  Next, a dash of chicken stock and a can coconut milk. I didn't want to go sweet by adding pineapple pieces so I added a tablespoon of peanut butter. A teaspoon of oyster sauce to give some umami background. A few drops of Tabasco sauce. Frozen peas and frozen diced peppers. I think that was everything. I served it on rice with a side salad. 

It tasted good but I couldn't quite tell why. A little bit of India, a touch of South East Asia and a splash of North American suburb. The dish lacked focus.  It tasted good, it was pleasant to eat but I couldn't tell you what I had eaten. A little soy sauce might have landed it more firmly in Asia so if I get to this point again I might try that.  In any case, a can of coconut milk can make a fairly interesting meal if one is willing to experiment.

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