Sunday, March 30, 2014

Veal Cutlet with Mushroom White Wine Sauce

I salted the cutlet then coated it in corn and wheat flour mixture, less than 1/4 corn flour. I also put mixed pepper and dried thyme in the flour. I then fried the cutlet in olive oil.  The potatoes were simple mashed with a little salt, butter, milk and sour cream.  I steamed the asparagus, not quite enough, it was still crunchy. For the sauce I fried the mushrooms first then sweated a shallot and added flour and butter.  I cooked off the raw flour and added a splash of chicken stock and at least half a cup of my absolutely lovely Chardonnay. Typically this would have had milk in it but Fern doesn't really like creamy sauces so I'm just using the Chardonnay, which can easily carry load.

Vinaigrette - Fern really likes this

1 tbsp oil olive with a little canola
1-2 tsp white wine vinegar - I really like Maille
dot of dijon mustard - again Maille is my favourite

Toss the salad with a tomato and plate.

The cutlet should have cooked about one minute longer because when it sat for a minute it bled a little. Not much but Fern noticed so if we get sick today, it's my fault. I doubt we will, the meat was cooked through. The asparagus was undercooked.  Usually I over cook it, which is probably better. The mushroom sauce was delicious. 

We'll have this again, but not often.

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