Sunday, March 30, 2014

Pineapple Coconut Chicken Curry

This is fairly quick and easy to make.  I diced a shallot and a green pepper and sweated them both. Then I removed them from the pan and added the floured chicken pieces.  When they had a good sear I sprinkled two tablespoons of curry powder over the meat and cooked it for a minute.  The I added a can of coconut milk and brought it to a furious boil. Some of the water needs to cook off the coconut milk to thicken it and throw some frozen peas in to cook. When the sauce is almost right, put everything back in along with some pineapple chunks.  When everything is heated through, plate over basmati rice.


1 tbsp oil
1-2 tsp white wine vinegar
dot dijon mustard

I put thin slices of red pepper in the salad just for a change.  It was a nice surprise and went better with the curry than a tomato would have.

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