Thursday, September 11, 2014

Pan Fried Cod

I picked up a nice piece of cod at Save On. Fern didn't want fish and chips so I pan fried it.  First I salted the fish then ground a little fresh mixed pepper and finally some dried thyme.  I dusted the seasoned cod with flour and put it in a pan with plenty of hot oil The potatoes were just boiled and served with butter, salt and fresh chives. Fresh carrots steamed with frozen peas and finished with butter, salt and pepper. 

I put a few drops of lemon juice beside the fish and called Fern for dinner. The potatoes were really good, glad I bought more.  The vegetables were nice but frozen peas will never impress anyone. I under cooked the fish a little, Fern's piece was a little thicker so I think that's why. Mine seemed cooked through to me. The flavour was a bit weak.  I didn't put enough thyme on and it really needed something else, fresh garlic maybe or onion powder. Cod by itself, while good, is a bit boring. A sprig each of fresh thyme and rosemary would have been better too.

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