Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Pork Schnitzel with Greek Salad

Again I was impressed with the flavour Save On manages to coat these pork cutlets in.  All I had to do here was boil potatoes and corn, fry a piece of meat and make a salad. All I did was add butter and salt to the corn and potatoes on the plate.  The salad was simply tomatoes and cucumber with black olives and feta cheese. A vinaigrette of olive/canola oil, raspberry vinegar, salt and black pepper perked it up. 

So far I haven't managed to teach Storm, the younger dog, to eat corn on the cob. Eliot, the elder, has always been able to do it. It's really quite funny to watch him biting a couple of rows of corn off the cob, exactly like we do. It all tasted terrific too, so I didn't feed the dogs too much off my plate because there was an extra cutlet for them to share after we finish. Lucky dogs!

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