Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Liver and Onions

Fern wanted something for dinner that wasn't 'fatty' so I picked up liver the moment I saw it. I already had bacon and nugget potatoes so I only needed greens, broccoli won. I cooked the bacon in the pan first then caramelized the onions. The potatoes were boiling away on the stove and I had the steamer loaded with the broccoli. I put flour in a bag and shook the liver in it to coat fully. Everything was out of the frying pan, add a little oil and lay the liver in the pan.  Save On slices the liver too thin so it's impossible to cook it perfectly, it's well done or raw. I certainly don't want to eat it raw!

I plated the liver under the bacon and onions but Fern said that made the bacon soggy. So next time I'll make a bed of the onions and lay the liver on that then top with the bacon. The broccoli was steamed then cooled under cold water and reheated in olive oil. The potatoes were boiled and served with butter. Ordinary Heinz ketchup on the side. Fern had never tried liver with ketchup and he was surprised that he liked it. It was impossible to eat the whole plate of food. The dogs finished it off.

The plating would have looked better if I had sane portions. The plate is just overwhelmed with the quantity of food. Otherwise, everything tasted great.

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