Friday, November 28, 2014

Cajun Snapper Over Lemon Dill Sauce

We had a late lunch so we both wanted a lighter meal, that usually means fish. I guess it's the smaller portions and less fat that makes it seem lighter.  Anyway, I chose the fish by price. There was a perfect fillet for us to share so I picked it up.  I should have checked the date. I should have pressed the centre. Fish is not fresh if it's been on the shelf for three days. Fish is not fresh if you press the centre and it does not spring back. The snapper tasted fishy so I think it would have failed both tests. My bad. I think we need a fish monger in town.

Anyway, I salted and seasoned the fish with Save On Foods bulk Cajun seasoning. It was good, I'll use it more. I fried the fish in olive/canola oil. 

The broccoli was steamed till it started to soften, then drench cooled and reheated in olive oil. It's easy to put the broccoli on to reheat 5 minutes before everything else is ready. Don't forget to salt it. Black pepper goes well too.

The potatoes were boiled in salted water then mashed with butter and milk.

Lemon Dill Sauce

I put a teaspoon of olive oil and one of butter in a small sauce pan.  To that I added one teaspoon of flour. Cook off the flour taste, remove from heat.  In a cup mix 1/4 cup water and a couple squirts of lemon juice. Taste. It should be heavily lemony but not unpleasantly sour. Slowly whisk half this mixture into the cooked flour and oil. Add more until the sauce is thin but still has a little body.  It will thicken as soon as it's heated so keep the liquid nearby. When the sauce is made and the acid is balanced add 1/2 teaspoon of dried dill or a tablespoon of fresh chopped. Any herb with liquorice like flavour will work. Whisk it in.

Plate the sauce, put the fish on top, add potatoes, broccoli and serve.

It was pretty good. Fresh dill would have been better but dried certainly worked. The sauce moderated the fishy taste so it was still pleasant to eat, but it was clearly fish. The ready made Cajun seasoning is good so it will be easier to use in pinch. 

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