Friday, November 21, 2014

Chicken with Coconut Celery Sauce

I put far too much Italian sausage meat in the spaghetti sauce so tonight's dinner had to be chicken, again.  I put a teaspoon of flour in a plastic bag and reached for my trusty jar of onion powder. It's empty! I used it all last time! So I quickly grabbed the poultry seasoning and added half a teaspoon of that to the bag.  I salted the chicken first then shook it in the bag.  I brushed olive oil over all before putting smooth side down over high heat on the BBQ. I grilled them for two minutes then turned them over off the heat to roast for 25 minute total cooking time.

The potatoes were boiled and mashed with salt, butter and milk.  The broccoli was steamed, cooled and finished in olive oil. I have noticed lately that I have everything going and I'm standing with nothing to do. So I decided to try to use up the coconut milk in a sauce. Fern likes celery so it was my challenge to make a coconut celery sauce. It sure sounds weird.

I sweated two chopped garlic cloves and a stick of celery.  Then I added the coconut milk, 2 drops of fish sauce and started reducing it. It reduced to almost nothing so I added a little milk to fill it out.  I cut up a small green pepper from the garden and added that too. I probably should have used a little flour in the sauce to give it body and hold some liquid. The chicken was done so I plated it all.  

I put too much poultry seasoning in the flour mixture so when the flour cooked into a reddish brown, the green seasoning produced an unpalatable muddy colour. The too thin sauce didn't help the appearance much. Surprisingly the sauce was good, it was better before I added the green pepper, but it was still good.

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