Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Corned Beef with Savoy Cabbage

Nothing interesting was on special today at the grocery store so I decided on Corned Beef since it is raining outside.  What goes well with Corned Beef? Cabbage.  I went over to the cabbages and decided to try a savoy since they were small and 2 people can't usually eat a whole head of cabbage before it goes limp. I'd never tried savoy cabbage so I didn't know what it would be like. Hopefully not bitter and awful.  I looked up a few recipes and decided to braise then saute.

I got the corned beef on right away since it takes 3 hours to cook.  About an hour before dinner I started the potatoes and vegetables. I described mashed potatoes before so I'll skip it now.  The cabbage I cut in half and put half back in the fridge. The other half I cored and cut up into less than one inch pieces.  This I put in a large pot with an ounce of chicken stock, half an ounce of white wine and a pinch of salt.  I simmered the cabbage for 10 minutes then boiled away the liquid and added some oil and butter.  To that I added julienned orange pepper and slices of apple.

When the apple and pepper were cooked through I plated in suburban standard fashion and added some dijon mustard to the corned beef.  After the saute the savoy cabbage had practically disappeared but it's taste was still strong and satisfying.  I used sweet pepper because I had some left in the fridge but I think this dish would be just as good with carrot instead of pepper. Savoy cabbage is a welcome addition to my list of fresh vegetables that I can cook into something good. Isn't it nice not to see broccoli on my plate?

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