Monday, June 25, 2012

Southwest Chicken with Baklava for dessert

Toothache in the family today so I kept dinner basic.  I seasoned the chicken with Southwest Rub, seared it on the stove and put it in the oven.  Plain white rice and simply steamed vegetables with some butter.  While neither of us said, "mmmmm goooooood" we both cleaned our plates so it wasn't bad.

I took another stab at Baklava today too and it worked beautifully.  This time I used a 9x12 pan and 3/4 cup butter.  I also used a little more than 3/4 cup honey, a little extra cinnamon and a whole tablespoon lemon juice. This time I decided not to worry about the filo tearing and just laid it on and buttered it. I did 6 layers of filo then half the nuts and 6 layers filo then other half of nuts and finally 6 more sheets to use up the whole package of filo. Every sheet tore as I separated it but I just did the best I could and kept going. It worked perfectly, with 18 layers there is contiguous pastry in every piece so it holds together perfectly.  Store bought Baklava is always horribly sweet and mostly flavorless.  This is rich with butter and flavored with lemon and honey. It's hard to stop eating it.

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