Saturday, June 16, 2012

Weeding Day Roast Beef

Actually I already got two meals out of this roast.  Day before yesterday I got an early start on dinner and peeled potatoes and covered them with water in a pot on the stove. Then I was called away for a few minutes and when I got back I put rice, water, salt and a little oil in a dish, loaded it in the microwave and pushed the rice button. Then I turned around and saw the potatoes sitting on the stove, doh! There's a little Homer Simpson in all of us. That's fine, I'll make fried rice tomorrow.

So that's how yesterday's menu was set, fried rice with ... something. I went to the store with an open mind and approached the meat counter.  Nothing in the Angus beef section on special.  Had chicken yesterday. The pork on special wasn't suitable for a stir fry.   There in the beef section was a beautiful 3 pound sirloin tip roast marked down from $12 to $8 but the Best Before date was still 3 days away. So I picked up the roast, fresh ginger and everything needed for a stir fry.

I sliced off enough beef from the end of the roast to make a stir fry and put it back in the fridge.  I made fried rice and ginger beef chop suey which were both really good, unfortunately I didn't photograph it.  On the other hand one stir fry looks surprisingly like the next. That was the first time I've taken meat off a roast before it's been roasted.  It worked quite well so I'll keep that in mind when there's a large roast on special.

Next day a friend came over to show us his new puppy and help with the garden so I invited him to stay for dinner.  I took the roast out of the fridge a half hour early while I collected oregano from the garden.  I brushed oil all over the roast then seasoned it well with Beef Rub.  I finely chopped my oregano and worked it into the rub all over the roast.  Next I seared the roast on all sides, inserted my meat thermometer and put it all in the oven at 250ºF. When it was done I put it on the cutting board covered in foil for about 20 minutes.

Turnip takes nearly an hour to cook so I diced it up and got it on the stove an hour before dinner.  I added 2 carrots sliced up about 20 minutes before the turnips were done.  Mashed potatoes in another pot and broccoli in the microwave. I should steam my vegetables but that adds an extra layer of complexity that I don't need. On the other hand, as I gain experience I should be able to add more complexity and stay on top of everything. So not using the microwave is part of the long term goal.

I added butter and salt to the turnip carrot mix and mashed it up.  Then I mashed the potatoes and added salt, butter and milk.  Butter, salt and pepper on the broccoli and served up the beef with creamed horseradish. I even managed to get some chives on for garnish. We all had a mouthwatering feast.

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