Saturday, June 16, 2012

Snapper with Savoy Cabbage and Apples

Wow, chives and parsley, I'm smokin! I braised the cabbage in chicken stock with a little rice wine vinegar. Wine was better. I tried to get away with a gala apple but it was too sweet. Granny Smith would have been worth purchasing. I didn't cut the apple into small enough pieces and it really hurt the dish. I really like the cumin in the Snapper Rub and as you can see I used plenty.  More, to a point, is better. My potatoes were perfectly seasoned again today. That's two in a row!

For dessert I made oatmeal apricot cookies with a double dose of Madagascar vanilla.  Instead of $10 for 100ml at the grocery store, on line I got 1000ml top quality extract for $35. If you bake and make ice cream it saves a bundle.

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