Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Chicken Chop Suey

I'm calling it chop suey because it has bean sprouts. If that's not a defining characteristic, my apologies. I started with half an onion diced finely, sweated in oil and sesame oil till it starts to turn golden.  Then I added the chicken pieces which were salted and floured.  When the chicken had a sear all round I added the celery and carrots and the other half of the onion in larger chunks. At this point I added a 

Next the mushrooms and green pepper and finally the bean sprouts. At some point I added a couple of teaspoons of oyster sauce and the same of soy sauce.  The bean sprouts released quite a bit of water so I sprinkled a little flour over all to thicken it. Toss, let the flour taste cook off and serve over white rice.

Really simple and really good. 

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