Thursday, January 30, 2014

Liver and Onions

I tried to get liver the other day and didn't find it.  Turns out that Save On Foods has it so I bought the smallest package.  Broccoli was on special too so I bought two crowns. I had onions and bacon in the fridge so I headed home.  I peeled potatoes and readied the vegetables, sliced up two large onions and cut three pieces of bacon into small pieces. First I fried the bacon till crispy and added the onions and plenty more oil. I kept tossing the onions till they were golden.  When the vegetables were almost done I ran them under cold water to stop cooking.  Then put them back in the empty pot to finish in olive oil.

The liver I cut into manageable pieces, salted and floured it.  It was cut very thin which made it difficult to work with and it cooked in  a flash, literally. Turn it over quickly and brown the other side and plate. I like liver with ketchup too so I put a squirt here and there. The mashed potatoes have just butter, salt and milk in them.

I guess I could have placed the ketchup a little better, but it all tasted good and that's what it's all about.  Some day maybe I'll make it pretty too, but for now, I'm hungry.

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