Monday, January 27, 2014

Sole with almond lemon sauce

I wanted a nice light fish for dinner and fresh sole is plentiful so I picked up a few small fillets. Potatoes, broccoli and carrots round out the plate.  I first put the potatoes on and prepared the vegetables for the steamer.  The sole was salted then coated with flour and pan fried.  When the vegetables were half done I ran cold water over them to stop cooking.  I let olive oil heat up and cook the bitterness off then I put the cooled vegetables back in to reheat and finish cooking in the oil.  

The sauce was a teaspoon of flour in a tablespoon of butter/oil.  Once the raw flour taste was cooked off I added white wine. I didn't have enough so I added a little milk followed by the slivered almonds. It was more sauce like but didn't taste like much. I added a few drops of almond oil. That added flavour but it wasn't better. Hmmm. I should have stuck with chicken stock but it's too late.  Can I make this taste good by adding acid?  I added a few drops of lemon juice. That seemed to be going in the right direction. I added a teaspoon or two of lemon juice and that woke the sauce up. I wasn't sure if it tasted good or just not bad but it was good enough to go with.  Just in case I didn't give Fern a lot of sauce in case he didn't like it. He loved it and finished the sauce left in the pan!

It was good but I've made better so I'll probably not go that direction again.

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