Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Not Turkey - Pork Chops in Mushroom White Wine Sauce

We've had enough turkey for a while so I decided to try something different.  Mushrooms were on special so I bought a bunch and headed to the meat department. A pack of boneless loin chops was $6 so that was the right price. I already had the sprouts. Rice instead of potatoes.

I put the rice on, cleaned the mushrooms and sliced them up.  Prepared the sprouts for the steamer and took the chops out of the fridge. I didn't even start with a diced shallot, don't know what I was thinking. I put lots of oil in a pan started searing the mushrooms.  When they were done I took them out put them aside.  I put the meat in the pan and seasoned it quickly. Slightly wrong order there but I kept going. I cooked the chops almost right through then spread a teaspoon of Dijon mustard on one side and turned it over.  After a minute I turned it over again to get mustard on both sides.  When the mustard was cooked on I put the chops with the mushrooms.  

The sprouts were softening so I ran them under cold water and put them aside for a minute. I emptied the water from their pot and put half an ounce of olive oil in it. Turned the burner down to just over medium low and set the pot on to cook the olive oil. When the bitterness was cooked off the oil I put the sprouts in to heat up and finish cooking.

In the main pan I added a teaspoon of flour and mixed it into the oil.  About half a cup of white wine went in and I whisked it into a sauce.  A little salt and pepper.  When the alcohol was cooked off I added a bit of milk, maybe a quarter cup at the most. I brought that back to a boil to reduce a bit then put the mushrooms and meat back in.  

I plated the rice, the pork and mushrooms over that and the sprouts on the side.  I forgot to put grated cheese on the sprouts. They didn't need it.

It was delicious and a great way to serve a pork chop.

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