Thursday, January 9, 2014


I decided on snapper even before going to the store, I knew it was on special from my previous visit. I already had vegetables so I only needed the fish. When I prepped the fish I felt each piece all over on both sides and found the hidden bones. There always seems to be one bone left and it always lands on Fern's plate so it was important to get them all. This time I did. The secret seems to be to rub fingers in all directions on both sides of the fillet. That found the little hidden bones.

I made mashed potatoes and steamed the vegetables.  The mash had butter, milk and salt. The vegetables were run under cold water to stop cooking then reheated in olive oil and salt. The fish I only put salt and pepper on one side because the fillets were thin.  I put flour on both sides and put them in the frying pan.  The oil should have been hotter because they didn't brown much. They were a bit bland and flavourless too. I'll definitely get out my snapper rub next time, lazy just didn't pay off.

The faux tartar sauce is just a spoon of sweet relish and two spoons of mayonnaise. It works. If I had seasoned the fish with anything it would have been a great meal. As it was, nobody died.

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