Monday, January 27, 2014

High Fibre Pasta and Prawns

I tried other high fibre pasta and it had a gritty mouth feel, Barilla isn't gritty. I wasn't sure if the taste was exactly the same but it wasn't noticeably different. The prawns I defrosted in cold water and took the tails off.  I sweated a shallot with a bit of basil then added the prawns.  I cooked colour into them but didn't cook them through so they could finish in the sauce.  I took them from the pan and set them aside. 

I opened a can of organic tomato sauce, the best I could find (it's almost as good as Mezzetta but over $4 cheaper). I cooked it down slowly letting the water come off while the pasta cooked. Five minutes before the pasta was done I added the prawns into the sauce.  

While that was finishing I put one tablespoon oil in a bowl and added two teaspoons white wine vinegar to it. A bit of salt and some black pepper.  Whisk and toss the lettuce in it.  I'm finding a bag of cut up salad fixings can be cheaper than buying all the ingredients and have them all wilt. 

A little grated parmesan on the pasta and serve.  It was wonderful.  Having a small salad served with the pasta ensured the salad was eaten. It was all mouth wateringly good.

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