Thursday, January 23, 2014

Greek Inspired Pork Chops

First, make the chops look more like kebabs. Next, put the rice in the microwave with a little dried oregano and chives. That was easy.  I crushed and diced three cloves of garlic and some fresh oregano and put it in a tablespoon of oil. I added two teaspoons of lemon juice, half a teaspoon of salt, fresh ground mixed pepper and paprika. Then I put the cubed pork in and toss it all together.  I put it all into a hot oiled pan and gave it a nice sear all around. When the rice was done I put the carrots and peas in. They were then finished with butter and salt when they were done.

 The lemon juice cooked up beautifully, leaving a bright note on the meat.  It was the best kebabs I've ever tasted. (not that I've tried that many!) Frozen peas cooked in the microwave and finished with butter and salt hardly bears mentioning, but I did peel and slice the carrot! The rice didn't gain a lot of flavour from the herbs but at least it had green specks in it. The meat steamed a bit until the lemon juice cooked off so it was a bit tough. Marinating would have helped a lot.

I'd make this pork dish again. Better rice and vegetables next time and marinate the meat a bit but the pork was delicious.

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