Monday, May 12, 2014

Cashew Turkey Stir Fry

Cashews are on special this time of year, 1kg can be found for $10. That is less than many cuts of meat so it's economical to cook with them. Pork is sweet and rich enough that I doubt these nuts would improve the meat. Chicken or turkey on the other hand accept all the help they can get. I put rice in the microwave to cook and got to work.

I have the second half of the turkey roll so I cut it up into bite size pieces.  I started with half an onion diced and caramelized in canola and a few drops of sesame oil.  To that I added sliced carrot and a minute later, sliced mushrooms.  I got a sear on the mushrooms then added the second half of the onion cut into large pieces. Next a stick of celery sliced up. I bought a green pepper and had half an orange pepper to use up, I diced them both and put them in the pan.  I added the cashews and turkey and sprinkled some flour over top of everything. I cooked the flour taste off before adding a splash of chicken stock. Stock causes more liquid to be released from the vegetables so I added a good splash of soy sauce and toss it all together.  Plate with rice.  I put more soy sauce on my rice, Fern likes his plain.

I really like this meal, it's easy, economical and full of flavour. There's even a bit left for lunch!

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