Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Tomato Cashew Chicken Curry

Originally it was going to be cashew chicken stir fry but Fern asked for curry instead. Same food, different seasoning. Dice up chicken breasts into bite size pieces. Salt and dust with flour.  Put in pan with plenty of oil and brown all round but don't cook through. Remove from pan. Add diced onion, sliced carrot and soften. Add sliced mushrooms and get a sear on them. Add diced celery, green pepper, a handful of cashews and some frozen peas (fresh if available). Sprinkle one tablespoon curry powder over everything, stir it in for a moment then add a splash of chicken stock, a splash of water and the 1/4 can tomato paste left over from pasta yesterday. Stir. Add the chicken back in. Cook a couple of minutes in the sauce to finish the chicken, adding water if necessary.  Serve over basmati rice.

It tastes pretty good, Fern liked it. I like coconut milk curries better, but I didn't have any and the tomato paste was already open. 

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