Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Liver and Onions with Greek Salad

I went out with pork in mind but when I got to the store I heard the beef liver calling me. So I phoned Fern to ask if he'd like liver, he hates it when I come home with something different than planned but he was in the mood for liver also. I bought some Feta cheese and black olives to make a greek salad and headed home. Fresh greens are still pricey so I'm serving frozen peas with fresh carrots.

The potatoes were put on first and were boiling away before I sliced up two onions and caramelized them. Then I put the onions aside to keep warm while I got the veggies in the microwave and started the salad.  For Greek Salad I sliced up half an English cucumber, (English cucumber skin isn't bitter so you don't have to peel them) two tomatoes, about 20 pitted black olives cut in half. Chive flowers broken up, feta cheese, salt, pepper, two tablespoons olive oil and lemon juice. I tasted a piece of cucumber and added more olive oil and more lemon juice.  Tasted again, it was good!

The liver was dredged in flour and fried in olive oil. I forgot to salt the liver first and it was quite bland. Fortunately salt can be added after cooking, but it isn't ideal. I served mined with tomato ketchup. I've loved liver and ketchup since I was a small child. The mashed potatoes had just salt, butter and milk in them.  Butter, salt and pepper on the peas and carrots. 

Fern remarked on the salad several times, I really did get it right this time. The liver, once salted, was pretty good too. I was somewhat full after clearing my plate so I wasn't sure I'd eat my salad. I tasted it and couldn't stop eating till it was all gone. 

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