Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Snapper in a bag

Fern asked for snapper last night, we haven't had it for a while so I picked up a couple of nice fillets, a couple of leeks and a bunch of green onions. There wasn't a single bone in the snapper, made it easy to prep! Last time Fern said the restaurant made a flour and butter roux for the white wine sauce so that's what I did this time. Fern said at first it was perfect but then pointed out that the roux should have been cooked to almost to brown before adding the wine. That would improve the flavour and mouth feel of the sauce, so I'll try it next time.

I cut a carrot into strips, halved the leeks, cleaned the green onions, trimmed some celery and cut a pepper into strips. I put the vegetables on the bottom. I put salt, pepper and thyme on the fish then laid it on the veggies.  A sprig of fennel on top of the fish. Pour the sauce into the bag and roll the top over twice and fold the corners down. It stays closed. I boiled the potatoes and finished them in butter, salt and chives. The fish went in the 350ºF oven for twenty minutes. Lay the bag in a deep dish. Open the folded end and but the top open. Hold the food in place with a knife or server and slide the bag out from under it. Lay the potatoes on the plate and it's done.

Sole tasted better this way but this was certainly a nice change from dry rub preparations I've done in the past. The plating could be better too. Most important, it tasted great.

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