Thursday, May 14, 2015

Very Simple Curry

I bought chicken for dinner then realized we were going out for Fern's birthday. But, Fern decided he wanted to go to a meeting so we'll go for dinner on Sunday and suddenly I had to make dinner again. Tomato curry was the first thing that came to mind. I had pineapple bits needing using up so it will be a sweet and sour curry.
I first diced up half an onion I had in the fridge and sweated it in olive oil. I diced the chicken, salted it and coated it with flour. Then fried it with more oil. I only browned the outside of the meat, the inside will cook in the sauce. I sprinkled a half tablespoon of curry powder over the chicken. If you want stronger, hotter curry use more.  I emptied a 16oz can of tomato sauce into the pan. Diced up two cloves of garlic and added it. A stick of celery diced went in next (Fern loves celery). I strained the last half cup of pineapple pieces and added them when the chicken was cooked. I had basmati rice cooking in the microwave and when it was done I put in the frozen peas I had ready. When the peas were cooked they went in the curry with the pineapple pieces.  Call the horde and plate the curry over the rice.

It was very good, there's none left.

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