Thursday, June 11, 2015

Cajun Chicken and Artichokes with Garlic Butter

Our second set of artichokes off the two plants in the garden. I took the bottom petals off, sliced off the top and steamed them for about 5 minutes.  Boiling in water is better I just discovered so I'll do that next time. Dice a few cloves of garlic and add to a quarter cup of butter to a small pot and cook the garlic a bit.  The leaves have only a small edible nub at their base. Dip in garlic butter and scrape it off the leaf with your teeth. When all the leaves are gone, the choke and heart are exposed, depending on ripeness it's mostly all edible and delicious. Riper ones get stringy fibres on top, the choke, that have to be cut off.

The rest of the meal was ordinary. Boiled new potatoes served with salt and butter.  Frozen peas cooked in the microwave and finished with salt and butter. Cajun chicken is boneless breasts, salted and dusted with Cajun spice rub before brushing with oil and putting on the BBQ.

It was a really good meal.

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