Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Cajun Snapper with Peppers and Sugar Snap Peas

Fern bought a bag of sweet peppers, he only needed one so I don't know why he buys a whole bag, but I have to find ways to use them up. To that end, this worked really well. Fresh lemon on the fish flavoured the rice under it. The sweetness in the peppers tempered the heat in the Cajun spice on the snapper. It was all very simple to make. I did the rice in the microwave with salt, water and olive oil. The snapper was salted, coated with Cajun spice and fried. The carrots were microwaved partially to soften them then the vegetables were sweated. I sprinkled a little chicken stock powder over all and added a splash of water to make a thin gravy. That was it. Fresh lemon squeezed onto the fish on the plate and into the rice. It was really good.

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