Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Salmon from Kevin

Kevin went fishing again and gifted us a beautiful steelhead salmon. I salted and peppered it, put thyme, rosemary and bay leaves in the cavity, drizzled a little olive oil over it and wrapped it in foil. On the BBQ over medium heat for 25 minutes. Rice on the side with lemon juice over all. Simple but very tasty.

Greek Salad

3 tomatoes diced
4 inches english cucumber sliced
1 thin slice red onion diced
black olives
goat feta
olive oil
lemon juice

First time I tried goat feta. It's more expensive and I was afraid it had a stronger taste but it doesn't. It's sweet and richer than cow feta. It didn't really add anything new to the salad so for the extra price I'll probably stick with cow feta from now on. 

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