Saturday, October 5, 2013

Beef Tenderloin with Chanterelle Mushrooms

Kevin, our intrepid gardener, wandered the woods in search Chanterelle mushrooms.  He shared the bounty with us, what a nice man! I bought beef tenderloin for dinner. We had agreed on some kind of steak and I know Fern doesn't like fatty meat so, tenderloin is a good match. I seasoned the steaks with salt and black pepper and cooked them on the BBQ on High in 2 minutes, rotate, 2 minutes, turn over, two minutes rotate, two minutes and they're done with perfect grill marks.

The mushrooms were fried in oil and butter with salt and black pepper. The broccoli was done in the microwave and finished with salt, black pepper and butter.  The potato was microwaved till nearly done then wrapped in foil with butter, salt and fresh chives. The potatoes went on the bun rack in the BBQ to work up some flavour. 

I used sour cream, fresh chives and bacon bits on my potato.  This time I bought Olympic sour cream, the premium brand in these parts, instead of Dairyland. I think it was less than a dollar in price difference. For that price you get richer, thicker, better tasting product. Definitely worth the difference.

Fern said the steak was perfect. I thought so too. The mushrooms were nice but I think they needed some garlic and red wine.  By themselves, chanterelles aren't remarkable, but that's definitely my fault for not doing more with them. I loved that sour cream on the potato.  I don't know why wrapping and putting the potatoes on the BBQ after nuking them imparts so much flavour but it's definitely worth the trouble.

Yes those are artificial bacon bits. I like them but once they're gone I won't buy more. Probably.

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