Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Turkey Dinner

I went to the store for chicken but when I spied a turkey breast roast on sale I decided to have a tradition inspired meal. The thing that says Turkey Dinner better than anything else is, stuffing. Ryan was staying for dinner and he prefers StoveTop stuffing mix to anything else so that is easy to make! I had a turnip in the fridge so I only needed some broccoli to complete the meal. 

The roast was over 3 pounds and it took close to 3 hours to cook at 275-300ºF. It was wrapped in Turkey skin so there was enough drippings to make gravy, which I didn't expect. For some reason those 3 different vegetables didn't seem like too much before they were plated. The turnip was cooked for a full hour and that definitely produced a better result than 45 minutes they got last time. 

I over cooked the broccoli and carrots because my oven mitt brushed against the oven knob and lowered the setting so suddenly it was taking a lot longer to finish cooking. I have always hated my Kenmore stove, but now I just want it gone! All the thought and care that goes into an Apple product to make it function beautifully is missing in Kenmore poducts. The control panel hangs almost directly over the two back burners. A large pot on the large back burner won't fit, it has to perch on the edge because the knobs are in the way.  This is the way design choices were made by Kenmore. "Put some burners on a box, put some knobs on the back splash, spend no resources on the user interface and push it out to people because they don't deserve any better."
Overall the meal was a great success, it had some feast qualities so it did seem kind of special. I'll definitely try one of those breast roasts again. I'm really looking forward to turkey a la king too!

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