Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Home made frozen yoghurt with fried peaches

Some times I find it difficult to match the flavour of a store bought product. Usually I produce something better than it's commercial counterpart, but the commercial product is still acceptable.  I had to make it myself, no one could have told me how good home made yoghurt tastes. Now that I know, I'll never buy commercial yoghurt again, it's dreadful compared to what can be made fresh!

I've been wanting to make frozen yoghurt instead of ice cream but commercial yoghurt doesn't work too well.  On speculation I ordered a Yolife yoghurt maker because it comes with a tall dome that will make 3 1L mason jars of yoghurt at a time. I only make 1 litre at a time but it's nice to be able to use big jars.

I heat my milk in a double boiler to 180ºF then cool it down in cold water in the sink. When it's between 107ºF  and 113ºF stir in the yoghurt culture. Heating and cooling the milk gives it  a cooked taste that is really good so it's worth doing. It takes between 4 1/2 and 8 hours to make the yoghurt. The longer it works, the more tart it becomes. When it's done to your satisfaction, put it in the fridge. Home made yoghurt is not gelled like store bought so it's almost runny.

To make frozen yoghurt put two cups yoghurt in the bucket and one cup milk.  I have experimented a bit and this proportion works best. To give the product a smooth texture I use gelatin. I put out 1/4 cup hot water and 1/4 cup cold milk. I mix a gelatin package in the water and stir to dissolve. Mix the water into the milk then fill the milk to one cup plus a little. Add to yoghurt. Add 1 cup sugar and a teaspoon vanilla extract. Blend and churn.

I had a can of peaches open so I put a pad of butter in a pan and put the remainder of the peaches in.  When they had cooked a bit I added some juice and reduced it.  I put the hot peaches and sauce on the frozen yoghurt. Absolutely out of this world delicious!! 

The yoghurt is light and airy with a lemony taste. The peaches taste like peach pie but the yoghurt is the star of the dish.  A better product cannot be bought.

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