Thursday, June 19, 2014

Dijon Mustard and Lemon Marinated Pork Chop

I had to go to Save On for dog food and while there was tempted by a pack of chops for $4. I perused the vegetables but didn't see anything good on special.  I've got frozen peas I could doll up a bit. So that's what I did.

I put about a tablespoon of Dijon mustard in the marinator then added about the same of olive oil. Two teaspoons of lemon juice, salt, pepper and some ground garlic. Whisk it up, coat both sides of all chops, put the lid on and suck the air out. It would be interesting to do a control test to see if the vacuum effect improves the efficiency of the marinade, or is the marinator just a gimmick. It's a great marinating dish either way.

The potatoes were simply boiled in salted water, drained, mashed, buttered and a little milk to smooth them out. To doll up the frozen peas I diced an onion and a celery stick.  I sweated the onion, then added the celery, peas and a good dash of beef stock and a splash of white wine. Before the peas were fully cooked I added a sprinkle flour over them to sauce up the remaining moisture. The chops I fried on olive oil.

Neighbour Jill came over to buy the lawn mower while the chops were cooking. "Wow, smells really good! What ya making?" she asked coming up the stairs. 
"Pork Chops." I replied thinking, isn't she vegetarian?
Fern walked through and also remarked on how good it smelled so I was confident I had a winning plate here. 

There isn't much to say about mashed potatoes but the frozen peas didn't taste anything like frozen peas! Fern wants onions paper thin and raw or caramelized. He didn't like them in this dish at all. I thought they were great and the white wine leant a lovely fruity flavour to the vegetables. The chops were delicious but they always are when fried with mustard.

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