Sunday, June 22, 2014

Liver with Bacon and Onions

I wasn't sure what I was looking for when I approached the meat counter. We had cod last night so not fish. Nothing interesting in pork. Fern doesn't want beef. What's that? Beef liver! We both like that. We haven't had it in a while so I picked up just over $2 worth for both of us. I had plenty of onions but no bacon. Oddly, the premium most expensive bacon was also the best value. It was on sale $3 off and it's a 1 kg package so that made it cheaper per kilogram than anything else. I also needed potatoes and broccoli so I got those and headed home.

I started by harvesting a bin of lettuce, washing, spinning and putting it in the bin. I cut up a tomato and a section of cucumber and kept it aside. For the entree I sliced up two onions and broke down a broccoli crown. I also put potatoes on. The liver is thin sliced but too long for any pan so I cut it all up into manageable pieces.

The potatoes were on boiling away as was the broccoli pot. I put the broccoli on to steam then I put the bacon in the liver pan first. I cooked four strips to crispy and removed them from the pan. The broccoli was half cooked so I ran it under cold water and set it aside to drain. Next I caramelized the onions and removed them from the pan. 

The potatoes were done so I drained, mashed, added butter and milk and whipped them up. They had enough salt from the water.  The salad dressing was a quarter cup mayonnaise, lemon juice to taste, salt, black pepper and a few drops of Worcestershire Sauce. Whip it up and toss the salad, then plate it.

I dredged each piece of liver in flour first then laid them all in the pan at once. I sprinkled some salt over them all and I also put the broccoli on to reheat in olive oil. Turn the liver over and get ready to plate. I broke the bacon into the onions and put that in the centre of the pan to warm up. Then I plated the onions first. Then I laid the liver over top. Potatoes and broccoli on the side and a salad to keep our digestion working.

Everything was perfect. Despite being very thin, I managed not to dry out the liver. The broccoli was just right with a tiny bit of crunch left. Usually I over do it. The potatoes were also uncharacteristically good for both of us. Usually they are either too dry for me or too wet for Fern.

The salad dressing was a disappointment, It was good but not as good as I was hoping. Ready-made mayo doesn't work nearly as well as fresh made. I imagine if I really worked at it I could find a way to make ready-made work well, but fresh is less work. So next time I won't be lazy.

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